Familienforschung Marie-Luise Carl

Johan Benno (Bernhard) HerweghAlter: 59 Jahre17431802

Johan Benno (Bernhard) Herwegh
Johan Benno (Bernhard)

Geburt 1743 23 28
HeiratAnna (Maja) Maria ApelquistDiese Familie ansehen

Heirat der ElternJohann Heinrich HerweghAnna Maria SingerinDiese Familie ansehen
Oktober 1743
Geburt eines BrudersPeter Joseph Herwegh
um 11. Januar 1752 (Alter 9 Jahre)
vor 1799: Kumla, Sweden

seit 1799: Örebro, 134S (south), Sweden

Taufe eines BrudersPeter Joseph Herwegh
11. Januar 1752 (Alter 9 Jahre)
Geburt eines BrudersFranciscus Ignazius Herwegh
um 22. Oktober 1754 (Alter 11 Jahre)
Taufe eines BrudersFranciscus Ignazius Herwegh
22. Oktober 1754 (Alter 11 Jahre)
Geburt eines BrudersOtto Herwegh
um 17. April 1757 (Alter 14 Jahre)
Taufe eines BrudersOtto Herwegh
17. April 1757 (Alter 14 Jahre)
Tod einer MutterAnna Maria Singerin
nach April 1757 (Alter 14 Jahre)

Tod eines VatersJohann Heinrich Herwegh
nach 1782 (Alter 39 Jahre)
Tod einer EhefrauAnna (Maja) Maria Apelquist
um 1800 (Alter 57 Jahre)
Tod 25. April 1802 (Alter 59 Jahre)
Gemeinsame Notiz: Quelle:
Familie mit Eltern - Diese Familie ansehen
Heirat: Oktober 1743Bonn, St. Remigius
3 Monate
er selbst
jüngerer Bruder
3 Jahre
jüngerer Bruder
3 Jahre
jüngerer Bruder
Familie der Mutter mit Wilhelm Heiser - Diese Familie ansehen
Heirat: 22. Mai 1735Brühl
Familie mit Anna (Maja) Maria Apelquist - Diese Familie ansehen
er selbst


Quelle: e-mail vom 30.04.2002:

Dear Marie-Luise,

Concerning your request about your swedish ancestors. This is the information from the Database of Inventory deeds (Nachlassverzeichnis) of Örebro (the names are spelled as in the original source):

Johan Benno Hertwegt died 1802 April 25, as a widower. He had been married to Anna Maja (Maria) Apelquist and their address was 134S (south) in Örebro. Johan Benno had five brothers, but only Peter Josef Hartvig is named of these.

From the churchrecords of Örebro 1796-1800:

Johan Benno Hartvig moved from Kumla (not far from Örebro) to Örebro in 1799 with his wife Anna Maria Apelquist. Johan was born 1743 in Köln and Anna Maria was born 1754 in Linköping, Sweden. They had no children. In a while they had a housekeeper from Helsinki, widow Maria Liljeberg born 1736.

I think that Anna Maria must have died in 1800/1801 since Johan Benno was called a widower when he died.

To do research on Peter Josefs family you would probably start in Köln, since Johan Benno was born there. Maybe all brothers were born in Köln.

This is as far as I have done the research. If you´d like to have more help with your genealogical research in Sweden I recommend you to contact any of the persons in the attached file who do genealogical research for a fee. They are privat researchers and are not working for the City Archives of Örebro, but they all have long experience of genealogical researching.

You can also contact SVAR in Ramsele. SVAR is Swedish Archive Information, a part of the National Archives of Sweden. SVAR sell microfilmed churchrecords, CD-records, books etc. The telephone number is 0046-623-72500. The website is www.svar.ra.se and e-mail info@svar.ra.se

I hope this will help you in your search for your ancestors.

Sincerely, Eva Lundberg Archivist Örebro stadsarkiv/City Archives of Örebro eva.lundberg@orebro.se 0046-19-211040 www.orebro.se/stadsarkiv